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Thoughtful Ways to Help a Friend De-Stress

Worried about deadlines, finances, relationships, and physical health? In the daily grind, stress is everywhere. While we all experienced moments of extreme stress, we should be thankful for a strong support network that helps us through tough times. It's hard to watch friends trudging through difficult times. Whether your friend is going through a breakup, looking for a new job, or having a sick family member, they can use your emotional support during stressful times.

Here are our favourite ways to help someone under stress. We suggest these methods because they helped us!


Learn to Meditate

We all feel overwhelmed and that our life is out of control at times. Meditation practice offers plenty of benefits, from increased productivity to anxiety relief. The health benefits you can reap from just 10 minutes of meditation a day is underrated. It helps you sleep better, alleviate stress, ease chronic pain, reduce cardiovascular disease, and it can also help your relationship (It seems that couples who meditate together stay together).

Listen Up 

There's arguably no better soundboard than the person who knows you best. Extroverted thinkers may need to talk a problem out aloud to effectively find solutions. In contrast, introverts may need to work through challenges solo first. The simple act of lending an ear can be the best and most effective medicine without trying to fix anything.

Schedule Some Tea Time 

We recommend chamomile tea because it’s rich in herbal ingredients and is widely recognized for its calming effect. It's also caffeine-free.

Try Aromatherapy 

Using scent strategically can help us feel more energized, calm or focused. Specific aromas have even been shown to influence different parts of the brain. To promote relaxation, for example, try diffusing lavender and frankincense, or bergamot.

Take Something Off Their Plate 

You might be thinking: What can I do now? Consider your distinct and unique skillset. If you're a master at organization, why not offer to tackle a bit of spring cleaning? Ask to see a task list, and hit it with your best shot. And sometimes, by solely offering your help can already make the other person feel better (just to show that you care, and of course, mean it).

Plan a Netflix Binge 

After a long week - or even a hard day - there's nothing as relaxing as a good Netflix binge. Grab some snacks while you're at it too! It gives you the chance to forget your stresses and dive into glittering imaginary worlds. It's okay to take time to relax, give your mind an escapism vacation. 

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy 

Does shopping make you happy? To keep things under control, set a budget, whether you're strolling the brick-and-mortars or scrolling online.

Curate a Care Package 

If you're not in the same city, put together a gift box of favourite essentials, from a thoughtful candle to cookbooks or a handwritten note. Box gifting services offer a wide array of customizable options, too. The holiday season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to show love to the person you care about. You can also look at our product page, maybe there's something that will catch your eye!